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A Reliable Way to Deal with Dementia

Aging, along with an unhealthy lifestyle, speeds up the process of deterioration of physical and mental abilities. One of the most common health issues affecting old age is dementia. It is an illness that causes a decline in memory, thinking, and understanding. At First Access Home Care, we recognize that while dementia mainly affects older … Continue reading

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A Long-Term Palliative Care for Mental Health

Mental health must be taken care of regardless of age. Although there is a significant increase in mental health illness in older people, people know a little about it. People are reluctant about the experiences of seniors which include bereavement or a drop in socioeconomic status with retirement. All these factors may result in isolation, … Continue reading

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What Can You Do if Your Loved One Gets Alzheimer’s?

Has your loved one been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? As care providers from an adult family home in Lynnwood, Washington, we understand how this diagnosis can be overwhelming to you and your loved one. The thoughts about the future can darken since Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. Progressive disease means that there is no cure for … Continue reading

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Dementia Care: Should Your Loved One Still Drive?

Dementia is the type of cognitive disease that is not easily noticed at the early stages. The common sign of forgetfulness can be associated with normal episodes of age-related forgetfulness. Yet, in the long run, this forgetfulness can be harmful to the patient when dementia is not spotted early on. As dementia progresses, it affects … Continue reading

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Dementia: How to Stop a Loved One from Driving

How crucial is driving for you? In America, being handed with car keys is like having powers. We can go wherever we want to go. We can arrive at a destination at whatever time we want. We can take with us anybody we want to travel with. So yes, driving is tantamount to life-saving extensions … Continue reading

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Comforting Reminders When They No Longer Know You

Alzheimer’s disease, as the most common type of dementia, goes through stages. The later progression of the disorder is characterized by the patient’s lack of recognition for their loved ones. If this happens to your family member, you may go through an emotional roller coaster. For that reason, many families opt to relocate their loved … Continue reading

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