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Working with Siblings to Care for an Older Parent

Working with siblings to provide care for a parent can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time. Often, families find that this provides them with an opportunity to reconnect and reminisce. However, many adult children already juggle a myriad of other responsibilities throughout their busy days. Finding time to care for an aging … Continue reading

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Senior Adults Deserve to Live with Dignity

Loss of independence can be devastating to many senior adults as they tend to develop feelings of isolation and hopelessness, according to a care specialist in anĀ adult home in Washington. As a result, they suffer from living a low quality of life and even succumb to depression. Many senior adults have spent most of their … Continue reading

Dealing with Dementia Patients

It is never easy to deal with ailing family members, especially if little by little, they tend to lose their memory and are in need of constant assistance with their activities of daily living. Here are some of the many things that you have to know in dealing with Dementia patients: Treat them with utmost … Continue reading

Ideal Quality of Life During the Golden Age

First Access Home Care believes that aging should never keep anyone from having the quality of life that they want. Our adult family home in Lynnwood, Washington wants to provide you with quality care, support, and a sense of independence that you need. Our adult home in Washington believes that someone can still live their … Continue reading

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A Reliable Way to Deal with Dementia

Aging, along with an unhealthy lifestyle, speeds up the process of deterioration of physical and mental abilities. One of the most common health issues affecting old age is dementia. It is an illness that causes a decline in memory, thinking, and understanding. At First Access Home Care, we recognize that while dementia mainly affects older … Continue reading

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A Long-Term Palliative Care for Mental Health

Mental health must be taken care of regardless of age. Although there is a significant increase in mental health illness in older people, people know a little about it. People are reluctant about the experiences of seniors which include bereavement or a drop in socioeconomic status with retirement. All these factors may result in isolation, … Continue reading

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